Juno Development

Hotel Lumen

Juno led the complete development and later expansion of Hotel Lumen, a boutique hotel in Dallas, Texas.

In 2006, Juno gutted an existing 40 year-old hotel to make way for the new Hotel Lumen, a 60-room boutique hotel located across the street from Southern Methodist University. We also added an extra floor to increase the number of guest rooms and allow for a restaurant on the ground floor.

In 2012, Juno came back to lead the hotel’s expansion. Adding an adjoining structure allowed us to add 50 percent more guest rooms and increase restaurant seating by 50 percent.

50 %
increase in room count
& restaurant seating.

The increase in space made it possible to add luxury suites and expand the hotel’s public areas, increasing meeting space by 200 percent and adding a new pool and lounge area that does double duty as an event space.

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